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The webcommitee
Chairman: Edward Verschoor (
Member: Hanneke Krayenhoff, Rick van der Plas
The webcommitee is still looking for members! To participate you don't need an ICT technical background,  if you want to contribute with good suggestions, critical reading or you have frequent news to publish, please contact us!
Main goals of the web commitee:
Objective of the webcommitee:
The website is the multifunctional communication of our association. It contains information for several subject and various information, such as news. In addition, the website offers the possibility of a simple and fun way to communicate about issues in and around the Park Kieviet.
The committee is responsible for managing the site.

To keep the website  up to date and be able to provide relevant news etc.
We want to publish the following items:
- Good and relevant news
- Informative publications on various topics
- Translations for the English site
- Placement of photos of various subjects
Do you want to contribute to an up to date website? and a part of the webcommitee? please fill in the contact form below.

The greencommitee
Chairman: Anneke Huitink
Members: Edze Buurke, Rick van Keulen en Katja Verschoor
Main goals of the greencommitee:

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Inventory of the greencommitte:
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