Residents association “De Kieviet” represents the interests of all residents residing in Park de Kieviet and Kievietsduin and stimulates a sense of community. 

What does the residents association do?

Intensive consultation with the municipality has lead to:

Placement of trafficlights at Auberge De Kieviet.

Revision plan for 30 km zone (deleting many speed bumps).

Better communication with residents about renovation of the sewageproject and the pavement in the Kieviet North and limitation of nuisance.

More attention and maintenance of public parks.

Focus on neighbourhood safety: see neighbourhood security

Fostering a sense of community by organizing a new year reception, bridgedrive, summer drinks and excursions.

Neighbourhood Safety: watch your belongings, read more about this topic in the news section.

More information about the 30 km zone: klick here: flyer_30_km_zone

AVALEX:  The new way of garbage collection

Avalex collects and processes for 6 municipalities in our region the garbage. It is owned by these  same municipalities. Avalex announced in an advertisement in De Wassenaarse Krant of 26th October a new way of separating  garbage to improve recycling and a change in the frequency of garbage collection. In a letter to all addresses dated 17 th November the matter was further explained.

The advertisement and the letter caused much concern by many inhabitants of Wassenaar, in particular about the decreased frequency of garbage collection, which led to letters from our neighbourhood association and the association of friends of Wassenaar  to the authorities. Subsequently discussions were held  with the responsible alderman. Furthermore, in two meetings of a committee of the municipal council and in a council meeting the concerns were voiced and addressed.

The current situation can be summarized as follows:

  • a small greencontainer may be changed for a large one, free of cost;

  • the greencontainer will be collected every week in Wassenaar-South and Rijksdorp in the time period April to December. Outside this period and in other neighbourhoods the  collection will be fortnightly. Consult the recent letter from Avalex for the first date of the new scheme.

  • a second greencontainer can be obtained on request for €50 per annum;

  • the gray container will be collected fortnightly; consult the recent letter from Avalex for the first date of the new scheme.

  • a small blue container can be  exchanged free of cost for a large one;

  • the blue container will  be collected once in 4 weeks; consult the recent letter from Avalex for the first date of the new scheme.  At the time, the blue container was placed  in selected neighbourhoods. In the future all other addresses will receive a blue container, but one may inform Avalex that a blue container is not welcome.

  • the tariff for garbage collection will be lowered with €70 per year.

  • the new way of garbage collection, in which the gray container will get a different function (plastics, metals and drinkcontainers) will  start in 2019.  Underground containers for remnant garbage will have to be in place by that time.

A new explanatory letter from Avalaex was received on 20 th January.

WFT 26.01. 2017