Contribute to De Kieviet and Kievietsduin and become a member!

The Kievietchurch                                                                                                         The pond at the Wilhelminaplein

The benefits are too varied to mention, so join! The membership fee is just €15,-- per year. Click here to join

One person per home address can become a member. In the case of a rented property, both the inhabitant and the owner can join.   

Your benefits include


a sense of community, cooperation and  safety in our neighbourhood

the placement of traffic lights adjacent to Auberge De Kieviet (making it easier to leave the neighbourhood in the morning and creating a safer

revised plan concerning 30 km/h zone (the removal of many proposed speed bumps)

amended sewerage and paving renovation plan Kieviet-Noord

good communication to the residents concerning sewage system and pavin Kieviet-Noord


Monument on the Wilhelminaplein commemorating Queen Emma     The pond: design by architect Mutters


Want to join? Have any questions? Feel free to contact us or fill in the form below

Ellen Waasdorp
Duinvoetlaan 8
2243 GL Wassenaar
070 - 51 777 13

New membership is activated after payment of € 15,-- on our bankaccountnumber NL06ABNA0566940523  bic: ABNANL2A, to Bewonersvereniging "De Kieviet"