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Dunea sand transports

Geplaatst 18 jan. 2015 04:14 door Edward Verschoor   [ 18 jan. 2015 04:14 bijgewerkt ]
Dunea transports began on November 10th.

In a previous news item we reported that the Dunea transports would start atMonday, October 20th. As you may have noticed, that has not happened. High groundwater levels in the field made it impossible to work with heavy equipment.

The project was a discusses on 3 November with representatives of Dunea. On November 17 there where follow-up meetings. The transports began on Monday, November 10th. It was the intention of Dunea to start in the morning with empty trucks (from Katwijk) and use a service road that connects the work with the dunes of Scheveningen.