New techniques against burglary wave:

guard you against the increasing intrusion, we provide our invigilators with thermal imaging cameras, so they are better able to detect or to observe criminals, we also do a test with one of our cars who is receiving continuous images to evaluate suspicious situations

Gloseco, on behalf of Mr. P. van der Kaa.
Designated police officer


Our designated police officer is Patrick van der Meer, 0900 – 8844, Politie Haaglanden.

Periodical meeting neighbourhood security

Periodically, the residents associations of Wassenaar-Zuid discuss neighbourhood safety. Our designated police officer is also present.

Gloseco (security company)

For years we had a neighbourhood watch. This no longer functioned as hoped. That’s why, since 2011, Park de Kieviet has chosen for the 10 minute alarm response services provided by Gloseco  (070 – 3586966). Gloseco is situated in Wassenaar and specialises in personal security. Gloseco also provides other forms of security.  Contact: P. van de Kaa.

Every member’s property is brought under close observation three times a week. During absence the inhabitant can request a daily inspection.